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Choose your favourite way in which to celebrate this holiday of amusement and pleasure:

If you are in high school, you can pack Kinderkits for children in Haiti—a modern interpreation of mishloach manot on Thursday evening the 21st.

If you are an adult of any age, you will eat appetizers, drink cocktails, and hear the traditional megillah on Saturday evening February 23rd. Then, the hilarity will continue with a delicious Persian buffet and a rousing spoof debate.

If you are a child, you will enjoy the Purim play and mini-Purim morning service which will be followed by the loads of fun Purim carnival on Sunday February 24th.

Purim is for you and you are for Purim!

Purim needs you!

Volunteers are needed to ensure our Purim events are a success.

To sign up as a volunteer please click here to download and complete the volunteer form. Any additional questions can be emailed to Shelly Berenbaum.

Purim for Teens: Pack it for Purim!

Thursday night February 21st:
At 7:00 p.m.: Those in grades 9-12 are invited to pack Kinderkits for students in Haiti and Mishloach Manot for seniors in Toronto.

Additionally: Hamantashen will be served and Community Service hours rewarded!

RSVPs are being taken at [email protected].
Or, visit: and like Shammai Hsm.

Purim for Adults: A Persian Banquet!

Saturday night February 23rd:
At 7:30: A megillah reading with wine and appetizers.
At 8:00: A live Persian musician, a Persian Banquet, more wine, and then a rousing debate amongst two hilarious speakers who will speak about Purim from their field!

Featuring: Adam Sol and Jeffrey Kirsh: A poet who will speak of vampires in Shushan and a lawyer who will speak of prenups in the Kingdom—both orators par excellance!

Featuring: Amir Amiri of

RSVPS are being taken at [email protected]. There is a modest dinner price of $15 per person.

A real community affair—please come out and celebrate our community in the name of fun and merriment.

Purim for Young Families: A Purim Play and Family Friendly Megillah Reading! A Carnival!

Sunday morning February 24th:
At 11:00 is a fabulous Purim service featuring fifteen children in a Purim play. Plus: Singing, Dancing, Family Friendly Megillah Reading, and a Costume contest!

Sunday morning February 24th:
At Noonish is the famous Purim Carnival

Featuring: Lunch Food, Hamantaschen, new and traditional booths and games, and a roaming Magician

Bracelets and food tickets for the Carnival will be sold at the door.
Volunteers needed and welcome! To volunteer: [email protected].

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