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By Gal Baruch.

When I was in second grade, my art teacher told me that I will never be a real artist. I think she said it because I talked too much in her class. I came back home and I thought to myself, who is a real artist? I wasn’t sure, but I knew that I wanted to be one. When I asked my friends, they told me that a real artist is the one who can paint without going outside of the lines. So I tried for hours, but still I couldn’t do it. So I came back to my teacher and I asked her, who is a real artist? She told me that a real artist doesn’t disturb his teacher, can work on the same work for hours and doesn’t bother classmates while they are working. I was then frustrated. I asked my mother the same question. She told me that an artist is one that enjoys what he is doing.

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I still wasn’t satisfied. I kept trying to do art even when I didn’t enjoy it. I wasn’t able keep in the lines and everything became ugly. After few years I went to an art history class. There I was exposed to the greatest artists. I then understood that a real artist uses his art so that he can have an impact on people. An artist is able to change people’s feelings without words. An artist can explain things that others will never understand. An artist is not sure it is the right way or the only way but that this is the magic of art.

Sharing my love of art with my course at Holy Blossom is a unique way to show Israel through Israeli artists. Israeli artists show what Israel used to be and what is today. Israeli artists deal with many of the toughest of Israel’s issues in a very special way. Through art, not only do we begin to understand them, we can feel them.

Gal is an aspiring artist who currently has 6 paintings on exhibit at the “Mishkan Omanuyot” at the University of Haifa.

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