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‘LIVING WITH DEMENTIA’ at Holy Blossom Temple is a unique 10 week learning and support program for families with a loved one experiencing dementia.
Open to members and non-members.

Next Program: October 10th – December 12, 2013. Register Now. Space is limited.

The program is essential, it is absolutely essential, for anyone who is living with a person who has started into that – I call it the slide downwards in dementia – because you are living with someone who you have been married to for 40 or more years, and the person is changing in front of you…

Holy Blossom Temple in partnership with Mount Sinai’s Reitman Centre launched Living with Dementia last year. A program for families facing the challenges of dementia. Listen to one of our recent program participants as he describes how the program has helped him

Click here to listen: Living with Dementia – Audio Interview

For more information about this program, and to download the 2013 Living with Dementia Brochure, please click here, or contact Gerri Richman or Sandy Atlin via [email protected].
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  • Fanny Orenstein

    New to Toronto, please let me know when to register for 2014 session

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