In Fourth, moscowitz

By Rabbi John Moscowitz.

I love joyful music of any kind (Springsteen can be very joyful; the venerable jazz singer Cleo Laine has the kind of joy I’m moved by; Shlomo Carlebach, too). But most of all I love acapella groups whose spirit comes from within and is matched by the sound of their voices without.

Who does that better, who radiates such joy as the Maccabeats, the wonderful Yeshiva University group which has taken the Jewish world by YouTube storm the past two or three years. Several of their hits have spun viral as they’ve spread cheer at (Jewish) holiday time.

Now four of those guys — they appear to have graduated from YU– have gone out on their own as the StandFour. Watch and listen as they increase our joy on Chanukah!

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