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Barrie Wilson is a fascinating lecturer on the topic of Jesus. His critically acclaimed novel, How Jesus Became Christian, published in 2008, opened our eyes to Jesus, his family life and his disciples.

Barrie brings the world of Christianity to life inside the Jewish lens. We look forward to this year’s course, EXPLORING THE JESUS TRIANGLE. Barrie will take us through the significance of how can we know what Jesus taught?

This is what we do know: Jesus himself wrote nothing, The four gospels were composed 40-70 years after his death and they don’t agree, Paul’s non-Torah Gentile religion differed from the Torah-observant movement led by Jesus’ brother, James and the Gnostics disagreed with both.

So, who’s right? Right from the start, early Christians differed about Jesus’ message and his significance. This 3-session mini-course takes you into the Jesus triangle by looking at texts from early Christianity.

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