Peres as Peace Prophet

By Rabbi Dow Marmur. Every year Israel’s ambassadors from all over the world come together for a briefing. Some 150 of them are in Jerusalem now. Normally, the Foreign Minister is their host, but [...]

Hanin Zoabi

By Rabbi Dow Marmur. It didn’t come as a surprise to those who’ve faith in Israel’s Supreme Court as the guarantor of Israel’s democracy, but it came as an expected shock to its right-wing [...]

The Fear that Comes from Within

By Rabbi Dow Marmur. The received wisdom in Israel’s right-wing circles and among their supporters abroad is that, if Israel could only get its hasbarah (information/propaganda) right, the world [...]

Family Matters

By Rabbi Dow Marmur. Here’re more indications that the greatest danger to the future of the Jewish people, and thus to Judaism, may come from within. What follows are hints of the ominous [...]

A Carrot and a Stick

By Rabbi Dow Marmur. What many feared and others hoped for may be about to happen: the Obama administration in its second term will be much tougher on the Netanyahu government than it was in the [...]

A Star is Born

By Rabbi Dow Marmur. Despite the clouds formed by the sharpening election campaign, a new star can be clearly discerned on Israel’s political firmament. His name is Naftali Bennet, the new leader [...]

Advice to the Prime Minister

By Rabbi Dow Marmur. At the end of an all-day symposium in Jerusalem today under the cumbersome title, “Changing in Israeli Public Opinion on Critical Regional Issues on the Diplomatic Agenda,” [...]

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