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Learning and Support for Caregivers and Their Loved Ones.
In partnership with Mt. Sinai Hospital Reitman Centre CARERS PROGRAM.


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If you are caring for a family member with dementia, or know someone who is, this program will be of great benefit.  Inspired by Jewish values, it is designed to equip caregivers with enhanced skills and tools to improve their ability to communicate and connect with loved ones who have been diagnosed with dementia.

The ‘LIVING WITH DEMENTIA’ program is unique. Offered in the sacred environment of our synagogue, it is composed of supportive learning sessions for participants that help them acquire practical problem solving techniques and communication skills to cope with the challenges of care giving. In parallel, there is a separate program with creative and stimulating activities for their loved ones.

The program concludes with a spiritual dimension. Judaic and musical components are led by Holy Blossom Temple Rabbis and Cantors who bring both groups together in prayer and song.

‘LIVING WITH DEMENTIA’ has grown out of a partnership with Mount Sinai’s Reitman Center CARERS program and is conducted by a team of Holy Blossom Temple volunteers who are professionals trained by Mount Sinai Hospital.

This Fall 2012 ‘LIVING WITH DEMENTIA’ will be offered in 2½ hour, afternoon sessions for 10 consecutive weeks.

A Temple member living with a loved one who has dementia shared with us:

“The most difficult things I’ve had to learn are to acknowledge the sadness I feel as I see my loved one change and decline; to allow myself to have a life of my own, separate from my loved one; to give my loved one the best stimulation and caring environment I can; to make the tough decisions about care as our journey goes on and to keep learning about this disease so that I am ready for the next stages and the next steps I need to take. Who of us thinks that we will have to do these things?”

Here are some comments from Temple members who are family caregivers and have participated in the ‘LIVING WITH DEMENTIA’ program at Holy Blossom Temple:

“It was valuable to meet others; to have discussions with people who have the same problems; to find solutions to help alter my reactions; and to be stimulated and learn”

If someone you know would benefit from this program, please contact in confidence:

Support provided by the Al & Dora Track Fund

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