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Anat Hoffman was arrested during a prayer she led along with members of Hadassah, who currently celebrate their centennial convention in Jerusalem. Hoffman was detained during the Shema prayer, led away in handcuffs, and held over night in police custody


As you will note from the message below from the Israel Religious Action Center, Anat Hoffman (IRAC Director) was arrested this week while praying at the Wall.

This is part of an ongoing issue regarding the control of prayer at the Wall and permitting all denominations to be treated equally – part of the larger issue of religious pluralism in Israel that we, as Reform Jews, care deeply about and support.

Please consider signing the petition and supporting the efforts of IRAC as it continues to work towards a truly pluralistic Jewish state.

Mark S. Anshan, President


Please sign and share our petition, which calls on the Israeli government to end the ultra-Orthodox monopoly over the Western Wall.
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