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Ilir Fico: Bio

Mr. Ilir Fico was born during the time of the darkest communist oppression, in Albania, a small southern European country. Studied art and architecture and practiced as an architect for more than 30 years. His artistic activity started after the collapse of communist regime in Albania, in the nineties.

He was among a selected group of artists from a new democratic Albania, to participate in a travelling show in Italy after the first free elections in the late nineties. In 1999 the Art Directory International lists Mr. Fico among the best known Albanian artists. He has developed a distinct style called “Romantic Abstract” a rendering of the ideas through half real half abstract artistic expressions. He has exhibited and sold in many European countries.

His art evolved, in the beginning, around the figure of the humanist Mother Teresa and afterwards music became a major theme in his artwork.

Upon his arrival in Canada in 1999 a series of projects started – among which the canvases of “Houses of God in Canada” a collection of religious buildings, among which the “Holy Blossom” (a copy of which has been donated to the offices of the Temple.

Fico has made twice the front cover of the “Catholic Register” for his artistic activities and has had major exhibits in Vatican Embassy in Washington D.C, in the main Cathedral in Ottawa, as well as in many places in Toronto.

The connection with the Jewish culture and traditions came very early in the artists life, when in the wake of the Second World War, his family as the majority of the Albanian population sympathized and supported the survival efforts of the Jewish people living in or passing through this Balkan country.

The Art Exhibit runs October 17 – November 17, 2012.

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