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By Cantor Benjamin Maissner.

Yefim and Nadia Adler

On the second day of Rosh Hashanah we will have the pleasure and honour to pay tribute to two incredible human beings and most gifted musicians.

Yafim and Nadia Adler have been with us now for over twenty fruitful years. Both Yefim and Nadia have been an unimaginable source of inspiration to me personally, to Temple Singers and the entire congregation. Nadia has been our accompanist, leading and playing our year-round worship services. Every Shabbat Festival and High Holy Days it is Nadia Adler who you hear and experience the sensitivity and her religious inner feelings as she touches the keyboards with her fingers and helps us reach and reflect our connection with the divine. Nadia brings out in each musical prayer selection the best and the most profound sounds that reach the heavens. She has been my disciplinarian and she has provided me with the high balance of my musical taste.

Yefim Adler, a well known Russian composer, has practically laid out for us the foundation and basis of our excellent musical arrangements which we hear year after year throughout the High Holy Days. Over the years I had the privilege to commission Yefim for many original choral and Cantorial compositions. For Yefim’s 75th birthday, I commissioned Yefim to compose a new Kedushah (santification) for choir, Cantor and congregation. Its premier performance and celebration will be during the second day of Rosh Hashanah this year. The Kedushah is a magnificent piece of art, challenging, thought-provoking and descriptive in every nuance and word of the sacred text. From tribal ecstasy mixed with antiphonal responses between Cantor and choir we experience the blossoming congregational melody of the words “Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh”. The angelic response “Baruch K’vod Adonay” is awesome and explosive while the grandeur of “Yimloch Adonay” is majestic and made to be owned by the congregation and an affirmation of God’s kingdom on earth.

Yefim and Nadia will receive an “Aliyah” as we call them up to the Torah in honour of Rosh Hashanah, the Torah and their gift of music which they have granted us with.

Please read below about their prestigious accomplishments and their impressive career.
How lucky we are.

With warm wishes for a good and healthy New Year,

Shanah Tovah,

To download Yefim Adler’s biography, please click here.
To download Nadia Adler’s biography, please click here.

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