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Gal Baruch and Gefen Chazan

We are ready to go at Holy Blossom Temple Religious School with so many new and exciting things happening! We are fortunate to have a beautiful school wing for our schools – Lower School meets on Sundays and Wednesdays and Senior School meets on Monday evenings.

We are now able to spread out a bit as Leo Baeck moves to their campus. We love the space, and look forward to making the halls and rooms of the school our own.

Come and have a look at our new space!

1.  New Shinshinim:

    • Gal Baruch and Gefen Chazan are here!  They will be with us every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, AND with our HBT family many other times during the week and year. They are pumped and ready to share so much about themselves, their lives in Israel and their perspectives on life in Israel as teens that have just finished high school. They have so much to offer – please introduce yourselves to them whenever you see them.

2.  New programs in School:

    • Junior Kindergarten will no longer only meet monthly, but WEEKLY! We are so excited to have additional little feet in our school each week. We are very happy to build this program along with our fantastic JK teacher, Carly Prusky. See more about Carly below.
    • We now offer Grade 1 & 2 classes on Sunday or Wednesday. This will be our first year offering classes for our younger students during the week. We look forward to welcoming our younger students to class during the week.
    • Our Grade 6 JL2 (Jewish Living and Learning) program begins on Monday September 10th. Grade 6 will now be a part of our Senior School program which meets regularly on Mondays, 6:30-8:30 p.m. We welcome the Grade 6 to Mondays and look forward to their becoming a part of the “Senior School Scene”. It is a hopping place on Mondays!
    • The second part of the Grade 6 program is a two-part 6 week program of text study and gemilut chasadim – helping out in different areas of Temple and our community. We look forward to our students joining us as pre-B’nei Mitzvah students!

3.  Our Teachers:

    • We are very excited about our cadre of teachers this year.  A few of our teachers have left, and our new teachers are remarkable……here are just two of our amazing teachers working in the Lower School. Welcome to Carly and Tamar!
    • In Junior Kindergarten, taught by Carly Prusky. Carly has previously taught for us in Senior Kindergarten and more recently in Grade 6. Carly is extremely versatile. She can’t wait to make ROOM 103 the best Junior Kindergarten room – EVER!
    • Our Senior Kindergarten teacher is new to Holy Blossom this year. Tamar Lewin, a native Torontonian has been working as a teacher in the Jewish and public school system for the past few years. We are fortunate to have Tamar’s talents with us in SK. She is a natural born talent – guitar, ukulele, dance, all combined with a fantastic teaching and Hebrew background. Welcome Tamar!
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