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Jewish Learning, A Privilege.

Dear Fellow Congregants:

Click here to download our 2012/2012 Fall/Winter Schwartz/Reisman Booklet

As Chair of the Schwartz-Reisman Committee, I would like to invite you to take some time to explore the various learning opportunities this Fall at Holy Blossom Temple. We have a wealth of new programs this year. Some of them you will find here and other ones will be detailed further in our Winter booklet. Of course, many of the programs we have run in the past, which have been part of our congregational life, will also continue.

During the summer, I had the opportunity to visit the Jewish communities in Istanbul, Bucharest and Odessa. Members of all three communities delivered stories tracing both tragedy and renaissance, and happily reported to be living in relatively positive environments with regard to low levels of anti-semitism.

In Odessa, one message regarding Adult education struck a chord with me: Jewish learning there today is a special privilege. During the Soviet Union’s rule, Jewish learning had all but disappeared underground, as most Synagogues were closed. The recent revival of an active Jewish community and learning in Odessa during the last 15 years reminded me how fortunate we are to be able to deepen our knowledge openly. It is our goal to be able to provide a wide range of learning activities to maximize our opportunities.

I hope each of you will take advantage of at least one program this Fall. If you would like to become involved in our new Committee, please feel free to email me via [email protected]. We already have many very enthusiastic members with creative ideas for new types of programs. I look forward to seeing you at our events.

Bob Cooper

Thanks to the generosity of Gerald Schwartz and Heather Reisman, Holy Blossom Temple is able to provide these excellent learning opportunities. We are proud to open our doors, so the community at large can join us for Jewish study and growth.

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