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Holocaust Memorial in Berlin

How fortunate I feel to have participated in the recent “Musical Journey of Heritage and Healing to Germany” with Beny and Hope Maissner.

It was a most memorable trip. I, along with several other Temple members, opted for the pre-tour to Hanover and I am so glad that I did.

Seeing the respect and admiration with which Beny is held was most gratifying. Seeing where Beny’s uncle was the chief cantor was an emotional experience. The concert at the School of Jewish Music in Hanover was wonderful. The other places we visited were very impressive.

From Hanover, we stopped at Bergen Belsen on our way to Berlin. Although I knew the history, being where everything took place made it even more real. The Shabbat Service in Berlin along with the interfaith concert in the Domed Cathedral, the lectures by Professor Stephen Berk, the museums, and memorials will all be part of special memories.

on the way to the Train Tracks and the Topography of Terror

Perhaps for me, the most important aspect of the trip was seeing how the German people have taken responsibility for the past and are ensuring that future generations will be educated about a painful part of history.

And of course, the way in which Beny and Hope took care of us was terrific.

I returned home after Berlin but I am grateful that I was able to go on this journey.

Linda Wolfe,
Temple Member

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