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by Cantor Benjamin Maissner.

[one_half] The experience of the lively energetic and overwhelming concert “Soul To Soul” is too difficult to describe in earthly terms. Zalman Mlotek, the Yiddish expert and authority of our days has produced with incredible creativity, the concept of celebration of two cultures – African-American and the Yiddish theatre. How can I describe in simple words the electric enthusiasm of the performers and the audience experiencing the integration of these two cultures?

Elmore James and Tony Perry, two incredible performers singing in the most authentic delivery, our own Yiddish beloved language. I had goose bumps hearing, living and being in their inner world when Tony sang Vos Is Gevorn Fun Mein Shtetle and Elmore delivered Es Brent with passion that I myself could not bring out.

About Magda Fishman there is one word – sublime. Her incredible musicianship, vocal ability, trumpet piercing sound is an amalgamation of the highest order of artistry.

If you did not see them in our community you are missing big time!

Enjoy the few selected clips,
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