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The Holy Bs used their experience against a new Neshamah team in a decisive 28 – 8 win yesterday at Bayview Reservoir.

Holy B official scorers Nathan Cass and Jack Borins were scoring the game.  The rest of our cheering section consisted of Jeff Dicker.

Every Holy B player reached base at least once yesterday.

Here are some of the offensive highlights from what I can tell from the score sheet*:

  • Nate Charach went 4 for 4 and almost hit for the cycle.  Nate stretches singles into doubles and doubles into triples like a warm knife going through butter. David Rosenberg also went 4 for 4.
  • Josh Silver was 3 for 4 and also turned my double to right into a home run (Josh pinch ran for me on a couple of occasions due to my calf injury).
  • Jordan Glicksman went 4 for 4 with an inside the park HR and also came close to the cycle.  Jordan is now off to Boston for further medical studies; we hope to see him again for a playoff game or two.
  • Randy Cass also reached base in all 4 of his plate appearances and pitched a lot better than the Neshamah pitchers (due to the latter’s numerous strike outs; strike outs are a bad thing in 3 pitch).
  • Ken Herlin had 2 doubles going 3 for 4.  Ken slid into second base for the second game in a row at a point when our lead was only 17 runs.
  • Dan Freedman had a bases clearing triple to close out the 5 run second inning; we scored the maximum 5 runs in a season high 5 innings of this game.

Defensively we played pretty well with a couple of errors that at the end of the day were not costly to the team.  We will have to be sharper in our next game though.

The win puts us in a 5 way tie for first place.  On Sunday we play Temple Emanu El at Bishops Cross.

*some of the offensive numbers above may be skewed due to fielding errors.
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