Mondays at the Temple: Year End…

Mondays @ the Temple’s regular programming has come to a close for the summer. As has become our tradition, we closed the year with Temple’s own Sharon Smith accompanied by pianist, Jordan [...]

Rosh Hashanah in July!

Rabbi Karen Thomashow is guest teaching Torah Study this Shabbat morning June 30 and next Shabbat morning July 7. According to our tradition, teshuvah (repentance of the reflective type) is best [...]

Anat Hoffman: A Win for Reform in Israel

By Rabbi Karen Thomashow. The first Israeli non-Orthodox rabbi, Rabbi Miri Gold, is due to receive payment for her rabbinic work in the near future—a huge accomplishment for the movement. And [...]

Our Israel Bulletin is here!

Our June 2012 Bulletin is here – with a special theme focusing on Israel. In full colour and designed to be more engaging, we are excited to provide you with this sneak peek online. We [...]

Decisive win for Holy Bs

The Holy Bs used their experience against a new Neshamah team in a decisive 28 – 8 win yesterday at Bayview Reservoir. Holy B official scorers Nathan Cass and Jack Borins were scoring the game.  [...]

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