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By Cantor Benjamin Maissner.

The walk with Israel on the Victoria Day weekend was indeed a demonstration of solidarity, support and love for Israel. Ten thousand young children in strollers, parents, grandparents leisurely walked the eight kilometer walk with one heart, joy, dance and celebration.

The Toronto Jewish community came out on this sunny day to be together to show our love and identity with Israel. Our family, with all six of our grandchildren, my wife, Hope, and our children set a goal for our share of fundraising.

WE WALKED THE WALK with pride and satisfaction for a cause much needed these days.

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Community is built by voting with our feet, supporting and being out when called on. It was indeed a great experience! Enjoy the footage and a few pictures and feel the excitement of the crowds.

A special meaning for the day’s walk was the celebration of YOM YERUSHALYIM.



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