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Many new changes are on the way for our Religious School for Fall 2012!

We look forward to sharing more of these new initiatives with you, but wanted you to be aware as you prepare for September 2012. Any questions or comments please call or email Debbie Spiegel, Director of Education.

Changes for our incoming Grade 1 & 2 Students

As our school year has drawn to a close I want to inform you of some new initiatives for our Holy Blossom Temple Religious School. The Religious Education committee has endorsed a new opportunity for our school.

Beginning September 2012, we will offer Grade 1 and 2 students the option of registering for Religious School either Sundays from 9 am-12:15 pm or Wednesdays from 4:30-6:30 pm. The two programs will be similar, but understanding that the schedule is tighter on Wednesday, the program will be slightly altered in some areas.

You will receive your registration materials in the coming days for next year. Please make your choice clear on the registration form.

Update for our incoming Grade 3/Kitah Aleph students

Our Grade 3/Kitah Aleph program meets Sundays from 9-12:15 and Wednesday afternoons from 4:30-6:30. The Sunday program will continue to offer Judaic Studies content with the last hour of school a more formal Hebrew language program. The Wednesday program is a fully Hebrew language program with the final ½ hour a full school service led by Rabbi Thomashow and David Gershon.

For those parents who may have difficulty with transportation we are looking into a few options including information for you about potential carpools, a potential bus service, as well as private Hebrew language tutoring if desired.

Changes for our incoming Grade 6 students

I want to inform you of some changes which will take place for our incoming Grade 6 students for the 2012-2013 school year. We are very excited about our new Grade 6 program, called JL² : Jewish Learning/Jewish Living. Our Grade 6 program will be moving to Monday evenings and they will join and be a part of our Senior School which meets from 6:30-8:30 pm.

The rationale for moving is two-fold. It gives our Grade 6 students an opportunity to see that the Senior School is a fun, active, interesting place where students learn form young and energetic teachers and have a chance to socialize with their friends whom they may not see on a regular basis. We also want our Grade 6 students to understand that the process leading up to and including B’nei Mitzvah is part of their continuing Jewish Education, and not simply a one year experience. Having students in our school on Monday will give them the opportunity to learn from their older peers, which will motivate them to remain in school through to Confirmation, in Grade 10.

The Grade 6 program will also have other components which will include two Family Education programs, a few visits to our Lower School on Sunday morning (including participation in the Chanukah Maccabiah and the Purim Carnival, the SK mentoring program and others), and a gemilut chasadim component in which students will participate in two six-week sessions on a particular topic through study and action. More information will come available, but we hope to offer the gemilut chasadim components on numerous days of the week to accommodate different family schedules.

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