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By Cantor Maissner.

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Watch the short clips of videos and pictures to feel the electric atmosphere among the young children and adults who were present. Sam Glaser is a unique Jewish musical talent who devotes his life to bring renewed energy into our young people and adults alike. Sam was nominated by Moment Magazine as one of the top ten Jewish folk and popular singers. Sam has over 24 CDs and albums. His storytelling and teaching of Jewish culture “EMUNAH” (faith) and a healthy identity of Jewishness has given us a spiritual lift and at the same time much fun singing and dancing.

If we are to begin to be engaged in community building at Holy Blossom, I urge you dear friends and members of Holy Blossom Temple, to please take part, take advantage of our many cultural, spiritual and religious events. These on-going events are designed inclusively for all of us.

Supporting one another will only strengthen our bond with each other and strengthen Temple to be a shining light of a cohesive community.

Don’t let another opportunity slip by without being present.  Each of you is precious to us!


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