In fampro, splansky

By Rabbi Yael Splansky.

Yasher Koach!  Together the families of Holy Blossom Temple and The Leo Baeck Day School have done a world of good.

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350 Kinder Kits were packed with school supplies for students in Haiti  (Thanks to Jascha Jabes and Eli Shore, together with our partners at VeAhavta)

75 Potted Flowers and cards were decorated and hand-delivered to elderly congregants (Thanks to Liz Tarshis, Jennifer Hunter, Lynn Gluckman, and the Bikur Cholim Committee)

12 thoughtful letters of solidarity were written to children of our sister congregation in the Sederot Region (Thanks to Josh and Gord Arbess)

30 Camp Care Packages were prepared to give a warm welcome to Israeli victims of terror coming to spend the summer at Camp Timberlane (Thanks to Aaron and Nathan Schenk and their mother Cheryl Sylvester, together with Julie Schwartz and our partners at One Family Fund.)

500 Books for Children and Teens were donated and sorted for our neighbours in Regent Park. (Thanks to Sophie and Peter Sklar, together with our partners at the Regent Park Book Bank)

30 huge bags of clothing and 20 Tim Horton’s cards for the vulnerable citizens of Downtown Toronto (Thanks to Ann Rosenfield, Noah and Vanessa Yakobson), Darren Laser, Mira Lyon, Advisor of JVC, Holy Blossom’s Junior Volunteer Corps, together with our partners at WoodGreen)

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6 kinds of herbs were planted in our new organic herb garden for Out of the Cold meals (Thanks to Louise Ford, Jordanna Lipson, Marc Levy, Kathy Green, of our Holy Sprouts Committee)

5 donations of hair to give dignity to those with medical hair loss (Thanks to our partners at Locks of Love and thanks to our Shinshinit, Mai Levy, who donated 15 inches of her hair!)

70 Birthday Bags were prepared, so children in need can celebrate their special days (Thanks to Vida Gross and Claudia Aronowitz, together with our partners at Jewish Family & Child Services and York Region Children’s Aid)

$200 was raised at our Car Wash to continue our joint support for the first High School for Girls in Kenya (Thanks to Gord Wiseman, together with our partners at Free the Children)

1 hand-painted mural was created for our neighbours at The Pine Villa Retirement Home (Thanks to Ariel Dalfen)

3 inspirational songs of justice were sung by Baeck, led by Rabbi Noam Katz

And 200 freezie-pops were consumed to celebrate a job well-done!

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“Kol HaKavod!”

  • to Amy Kaiser, Family Mitzvah Day Chair, 
  • to the LBDS Tikun Olam Committee, chaired by Josh Arbess
  • to Deborah Franks Epstein, Dean of Students at LBDS South Campus,
  • to Rabbi Thomashow,
  • to Sheryl Brodey and HBT’s Religious Education  Committee for the BBQ lunch,
  • to Debbie Speigel, Director of Education at HBT,
  • to Robert Carnevale for communications,
  • to JoAnne Polito and Elana Fehler,
  • and to Jim Westcott and the HBT Maintenance Staff.


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