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Dear Friends,

In anticipation of the Big Happening on April 22nd, our SRUL IRVING GLICK MEMORIAL CONCERT, I am privileged to introduce to you my dear colleague and friend, Cantor Efraim Sapir, former Cantor of Beth Tikvah Congregation, who worked closely with the late Srul Irving Glick z’l for eighteen years. His reflections and thoughts will shed personal anecdotes and memories of the creative times he and Srul worked together. I hope you enjoy his few words of nostalgic memories.


Cantor Efraim Sapir

Almost twelve years after my departure from Toronto to sunny south Florida, I am thrilled with the invitation to be back in the city for what promises to be a very exciting weekend at Holy Blossom Temple.

My dear friend and colleague, Hazzan Beny Maissner, is marking the tenth yahrzeit of the untimely passing of Srul Irving Glick with a Gala concert that will parlay Srul’s best choral musical legacy.

I have been blessed, as a cantor, to have worked closely with Srul Glick for almost eighteen years. Our musical – liturgical interaction took place at Beth Tikvah Synagogue where he was choirmaster and composer-in-residence for many years and I was the Cantor. Srul’s unique musical style as well as his personality captured the hearts and minds of all who knew him and one of them is certainly Hazzan Beny Maissner of Holy Blossom Temple. Many of Srul’s compositions became an integral part of the repertoire of any musical ensemble under Cantor Maissner’s direction. Working with both of them while living in Toronto was a thrill to me and the invitation to sing Srul’s music under Beny’s direction fills my heart with pride and joy.

During my tenure as Hazzan of Beth Tikvah I have had many opportunities to meet world class musical personalities through the good connections of Srul Glick and one of those luminaries was Srul’s brother-in-law, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. Srul was totally enamored by Reb Shlomo and his music and many of Shlomo’s melodies were arranged by Srul and incorporated into the musical legacy of Beth Tikvah. Indeed the Carlebach – Chassidic style Friday night and Shabbat services became popular throughout the Jewish world; they are really inspiring and uplifting.

And that is why I am so happy that I was invited by Cantor Maissner to participate in Shabbat morning services at Holy Blossom in which we will present a thrilling mixture of Srul Glick and Shlomo Carlebach melodies.

The weekend will culminate with a Gala concert on Sunday night with the complete Holy Blossom choral forces as well as the Beth Tikvah Choir under the direction of Klara Bagley and Cantor Tibor Kovari.

The concert will be held on Sunday, April 22, 2012 at 8 p.m. at Holy Blossom Temple.

General Admission tickets are $30 and can be purchased in advance by calling the Temple 416-789-3291 Ext. 224 as well at the door.


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