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“I am someone living through the challenge of a loved one’s Alzheimers Disease.  The most difficult things I’ve had to learn are to acknowledge the sadness I feel as I see him decline; to allow myself to have a life of my own separate from my loved one; to give him now the best stimulation and care environment I can; to make the tough decisions about his care as our journey goes on; and to keep learning about this disease so that I am ready for the next stages and the next steps I need to take.   Who of us thinks earlier on that we will have to do these things?”

a Temple member

If you or someone you know is having this struggle now, you and/or that person may find support and renewal of strength by participating in Our Loved Ones, Ourselves.  It is a program which will take place at Holy Blossom, starting Thursday May 3, at 1 p.m.  for ten Thursday afternoons until July 5.

For the family care giver, this is a small group learning and sharing experience, with a Judaic component in a Jewish environment.  At the same time, in the same environment, there will be a social activity group for your loved one, stimulating her or him while allowing you the freedom to participate in the  group meant for your support.

For information, in confidence, call Elana Fehler at Holy Blossom, 416.789.3291, ext. 221.

Our Loved Ones, Ourselves, presented by Holy Blossom Temple in partnership with the Mt. Sinai Hospital Reitman Centre CARERS Program

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