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I would like to let you know that Hope and I are planning another informative meeting about the trip we will be leading this summer.

Together with Cantors and congregants across North America the Cantors Assembly will be travelling to Germany exploring and reliving our rich musical German tradition.

We have already gathered  an impressive group of people who are eager and interested travelers some of whom  have  been with us previously on such journeys.

If you are still considering joining this mission and would like  to gather more information, we invite you to come to an informative meeting this coming Thursday, May 10 at 7:30pm.

On a personal note, this trip is very meaningful to me as I will return to my parents’ and grandparents’ city of Hannover where my uncle the famous Cantor Israel Alter served the city as the Oberkantor from 1925 – 1935, when he and much of my family fled the rise of Nazism. With city officials, Church leadership and the Mayor of Hannover, I will place cobble stones in front of the homes of my family and in front of the memorial sight  where the great Synagogue (the largest in Germany) stood until the flaming night of KRISTAHLNACHT November 9th 1938.

For us, the key is the idea of “coming to terms with the past”. Personal impressions, encounters and frank conversations are the best way to foster mutual trust and understanding.  Jewish life in Germany is marked today by a rich cultural diversity and social vitality. During the last few years, Jewish communities in Germany have grown tremen­dously. There is no better way to explore and understand this re-birth and how it is happening than by visiting firsthand, and to do so with the CA adds a level of significance people cannot get on any other trip.

Prof. Stephen Berk’s lectures throughout the mission will provide us with a deeper understanding of the purpose of the mission. Don’t miss this great opportunity.

I will also have the great pleasure and honour of  participating in some of the major musical and liturgical events to be held in many historic venues.

Please  do not hesitate to contact me, my wife Hope, or my Executive Assistant Mari Lynn for more information.

Warm regards


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