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Dr. Wendy Mogel will inspire and challenge
each parent.

Monday, February 13 –
6:30 p.m.

The inspiration is that there is a way in which for parents to live with their teen and preteen and do so with comfort and strength. The challenge is to potentially shift our way of thinking about parenthood and childhood too. Dr. Mogel will also bring her professional wisdom plus comedic hilarity. It is entertaining to be with Dr. Mogel. It is also truly moving. Come to what promises to be a phenomenal session. And, by all means, bring friends and neighbors and spouses to this special event.

6:30pm Dessert
7:00pm Program

Her latest book, Blessing of a B Minus, will be on sale after the event.

Additionally, if you like Dr. Mogel’s work, and your child is younger than 13, you will still want to come hear Dr. Mogel—it is relevant for parenting at any stage!


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