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Dear Family and Friends:  David Shenk, the author of Forgetting: Alheizmer’s Portrait of an Epidemic, refers to Alzheimer’s disease as “death by a thousand subtractions.”  Each month, Carol and I drove to Toronto to visit with my father and my sister, Judith.  The ravages of the disease became all too clear with every passing trip.  I know how hard it was for Judith, to witness, on a daily basis, the deterioration from learned scholar and loving father to the state of utter dependency.  How many times did my sister and I look at each other as this disease took its toll, and realize that our father no longer knew us. We would watch him sit vacantly when we lit the Shabbat candles or chanted the Kiddish?  You might ask why I would make this trip each month to Toronto when he did not know us.  The answer is simple: While dad did not know us, Judith, Carol and I knew him…

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