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Mondays, November 7, 14 and 21 at 7:30 pm.

In Judaism, sacred study is a form of worship, of praising God, and marveling at the mysteries of God’s world.  The newly launched Siddur Pirchei Kodesh is rich with texts – Biblical, Rabbinic, Medieval, and Modern.

We’ll consider these and add our own voices, too, as we ask the eternal questions embedded in the prayerbook.

Among them are:  What does God do?  What does God want from the Jewish People and from me?  Does God even hear my prayers?

Feel the Spirit of our new Siddur Pirchei Kodesh and all it has to offer us at Holy Blossom Temple.

Rabbi Yael Splansky has been working with her Siddur committee on this text for many years, and it has finally come to fruition.

Learn the joy that this new siddur has to offer under the guidance of our rabbi, Yael Splansky.

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