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“It was so uplifting and so much fun and so well organized. What a great group of women!”

“Thanks to all who made this past weekend one to remember for a long, long time…The ruach and the comradery were exceptional…We are truly blessed to have a community of caring women who like to do things together and enjoy each other’s company.”

”It was the beautiful group of women who participated – all bringing your full, thoughtful, playful, open selves and souls to the entirety of the weekend – who made it truly what it was, which was special. I too am still living within the warm glow of the entire Shabbat and weekend.”

“It was a most fantastic, amazing weekend spent with very wonderful women!”

“Grateful thanks to Rabbi Karen, Lindi and all those who helped to make this a retreat to remember.”

“Thank you everyone for inspiring me, comforting me, befriending me, loving me, praying with me, singing with me, and certainly laughing with me.”

“I just wanted to add my voice of thanks to all of the other voices, to the organizers, to Karen and Lindi, and to all who made me feel not just welcome, but included, at my first retreat. I look forward to many more. It was a wonderfully positive experience in every way.”

“I have often crossed paths with some of you in the hallways of the synagogue but never had the opportunity to bond with you. You were an awesome bunch! I laughed, learned and had a lot of fun!”

“Thanks to everyone for such a hamish weekend filled with ruach. Kudos to Etienne and Corinne for their thoughtful planning and to Lindi and Karen for their warm leadership.”

“I just wanted to say that it was a most wonderful weekend. Even with the rain, it didn’t make a difference…I look forward to it again!”

“Ditto! And, many many thanks to our inspiring rabbi and cantorial soloist!! Oodles of thanks to Corinne and Etienne-your attention to detail both before and during the weekend is deeply appreciated.”

“I’M IN–AMEN!!!”

“I had a wonderful time and having all you sharing my Bat Mitzvah celebration with me made it so very special!”

“I enjoyed the weekend so much and loved being with all of you wonderful women. Thank you for making it such a great experience.”

Sisterhood 2011

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