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Nov 2, 16, & 30 at 7:30 p.m.

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This three-part series examines Jewish Diasporic Cinema. We will discuss and screen excerpts from various Jewish films from around the world which demonstrate the survival and persistence of Jewish culture in radically different geographic and social environments.

We also will explore the ways in which, throughout this century of global and economic migration, the  meaning of  ‘diaspora’ has broadened its scope beyond the ancient exodus from Palestine, to become a valuable tool in contemporary debates surrounding (Jewish) identity, nationalism, exile and belonging.

Come and learn from Gillian. She loves to share her knowledge of film with her love of Judaism. Gillian has always been a movie buff, from the time she was old enough to read the credits, and was fortunate enough to parlay that into a career in film production and academia.

While working on her Masters’ Degree in Film Studies at York University, she got her first job working on a movie being shot in Montreal. Gillian was hooked, even when working long hours into the night in abandoned warehouses throughout the city!

For Gillian, films are more than just a medium of entertainment or subject for academic study: it’s a reflection of life itself. She can relate everything to a movie, and she can relate every movie to some aspect of society, culture, or everyday life. And she loves nothing better than to share her knowledge, experience and frequently unorthodox insights with those around her.


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