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Enjoying three of the leading Hazzinim on the scene today; revisiting the German Jewish musical tradition; remembering the work of the composer Srul Irving Glick; and  celebrating the shared musical and religious experiences of the early modern Yiddish and African-American worlds. Ashreinu, matov helkeinu!  How fortunate we are for this broad array of musical events. Broad in total, each special in particular.

Malovany, Motzen and Maissner – This not to be missed evening may never happen again.Given the waning of the once great cantorial tradition (still alive at Holy Blossom Temple and few other fortunate places!), I urge you to be at Holy Blossom Temple on November 8th at 8 pm.

Likewise for February 4, April 22 and June 5 – these together with The 3 Ms on November 8th represent the unusual creativity of Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner, alongside the depth and the richness of the Jewish musical tradition.  Landed with this good fortune, join me in showing gratitude on these evenings: Come with friends and amily to enjoy and to witness the worldly particularity of the Jewish musical tradition, right here at Holy Blossom Temple.

For more information about The Musical Heritage Concert Series, please click here.

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