In Fourth, siddur

One generation shall acclaim your work to the next, and shall tell of Your mighty acts. — Psalm 145:4

More than 12 years ago, the leadership of Holy Blossom Temple responded to a call for gender-inclusive prayer language in our worship services. This modest beginning grew into an immense project to revise and renew our prayer services for almost every day of the Jewish calendar, reflecting the unique and changing character of our congregation.

During our subsequent terms as Chairs of Worship, together with our rabbis and cantor, we articulated the vision of a new comprehensive siddur, especially for Holy Blossom Temple.

It has been an honour to participate in this Siddur renewal. The Siddur Project provided us with an extraordinary, personally enriching education. We have reached our goal — Siddur Pirchei Kodesh. We are deeply moved and grateful for the opportunity to have been partners in this sacred enterprise.

Randi Garfinkel and Brenda Saunders

This is a book to have at home, no less than in shul.
And it’s a book for dedications, to remember loved ones as well as to pay honour on special occasions.
See below to order your copy of our Siddur Pirchei Kodesh.

Siddur Pirchei Kodesh – Online Ordering Now Available

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