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Rabbi John Rosove

One of the finest rabbis I know is my dear friend, John Rosove, the rabbi of Temple Israel of Hollywood.  Rabbi Rosove and I have known one another since meeting in 1975 at a conference on Jewish Feminism at UCLA (We were two of about five men out of several hundred women).  John was a rabbinical student then, and no less than today, he was passionate, smart, warm, impressive.  This at a time when the idea of rabbinical school was percolating for me—and I said to myself, if somebody like this wants to be a rabbi, then maybe I do, too!

Rabbi Rosove writes a great blog—passionate, religious, and intelligent. I recommend it highly.  Here is his posting of several days ago, “Life Lessons for Elul” — 32 life lessons Rabbi Rosove has learned and wants to share.  Read these lessons, and then read them again, and then take them to heart, and do them as best as possible – without feeling badly if you do not get it all.  That’s part of the secret of life: feeling grateful for what we have, rather than preoccupied by what we lack.

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