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It began with an invitation to attend the Sisterhood Retreat four years ago in Orillia.  I did not have much to do that weekend and so I said, “sure, why not?”  I had no expectations. I knew some of the women, but not very well.  Someone offered to share a room with me so I felt comfortable.

What I discovered that weekend was a dynamic, inclusive, interesting, fun group of incredibly caring women.

Over these years, I have come to know many of them.  It has mostly been a friendship at Temple – attending programs, Board meetings, working on a project together and sharing lots of laughs, interesting ideas and some tears as well.  There’s always someone to give you a hug, offer advice and share a story.

However, I discovered that a deeper bond had developed.  In the past year, faced with incredibly difficult challenges, I found that the women of Sisterhood were there in a big way as part of an incredible team that surrounded my family with love and support.

And the Sisterhood bonds happened because someone made the effort to invite me to a program and I leaped and said, “sure, why not?”

I invite the women of our congregation to attend a Sisterhood program and discover a very special place to be in this wonderful congregation of ours.

Jill Kamin
Sisterhood Member

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