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Three times a year—on Sukkot, Pesach, and Shavuot—a special opportunity for all our children aged JK through Grade 4 arises.

Children and their families are invited to the congregation-wide Festival service at 10:00am. Immediately following the opening of the Torah service, our children are invited to an area of their own for snack, creative study, and engaging activity. Extraordinary teachers lead these special sessions.

Next, our children come together for a fun, nutritious, and delicious holiday lunch. Lunch is followed by a rousing song session with one of our professional song leaders.

Finally, the highlight of the festival program is one spectacular outside vendor we invite in for community-building and other holiday related activity. The day is topped off with a funky dessert to be enjoyed before parents pick up their children. These programs have been generously attended and supported by families throughout our community—with children from every day-time school in town.

It builds Temple community and is an outstanding half-day!


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