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If you have never heard 500 people performing and learning all about Jewish music, you have missed one of the greatest musical, emotional, intellectual and educational experiences of your life.

Having just returned from the 23rd North American Jewish Choral Festival I am still floating high in a divine world of sounds, harmony, polyphony and melodious strings of pure musical ecstasy.  Five days of sheer and total involvement immersed in making music just for the sake of being with other people whose passion for Jewish music is boundless is more than an immediate reward. The North American Jewish Choral Festivities have been growing over the last 23 years to immeasurable proportions. Each summer we gather in The Catskills with more than 500 lovers of Jewish music. The entire festival is divided into five choral groups and over five days creates the most incredible instant choirs working on choral repertoire, from easy to the most sophisticated musical selections. Many Cantors, Music Directors, Educators and just lovers of music find this experience to be the highlight of the summer months. Community singing attracts everyone into a large tent where for over an hour we all read new music, learn all about making music and become familiar with new musical selections we then bring to our communities. During the afternoon hours many Cantors and musicians conduct workshops on a variety of topics all focusing on Jewish music and its purpose and values.

Please watch the accompanying video which offers you the best of the best in choral singing where each choir is performing the fruit of their labour over the few days.

Many of our own Temple Singers have joined the festival for a number of years now and have become better choristers and highly motivated singers. Their passion for Jewish music is apparent and visible in the way they have made their commitment to the musical life of our Temple here at Holy Blossom.

I urge you to come out and join us at Temple Singers. It will change your lives and enrich your Judaism through the gift of music.

With warm regards for an enjoyable hot summer,


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