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With the Sanctuary full of congregants, guests and over two hundred Cantors attending the National Convention of the Cantors Assembly, the Shinonome Chorus, the Japanese choir from Beit Shalom Japan, moved everyone in attendance to tears as they invoked a memorial song in memory of the tragedy that has befallen their people. As they sang and delved into the prayer with the depth of their emotions, we all stood up in solidarity for the victims of the tsunami. This small measure of our sympathy moved the members of the choir to tears. We, the audience, were so deeply moved when the song ended, only the sound of complete silence resonated throughout the sanctuary. A moment not to be forgotten.

But what really moved us all was the sincerity and the love and admiraton of these singers for Israel and the Jewish people. Their impeccable Hebrew, their sound so authentic and the clarity of their deep understanding of our culture was beyond words to articulate the happening of those moments. The prayer for the State of Israel and Hatikvah, our Jewish national anthem, again brought tears of love and respect, solidarity and a bonding union of loving human beings.

What a moment to share with all of you,

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