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While taking on the role of photographer for the our Sisterhood event I saw in the faces of the women that attended a spirit and a connection that goes beyond description. The women were happy to see each other, they enjoyed smiles and laughter and knew how they were connected in the past and present.

It was an afternoon of celebration, a joyous occasion that brought so many generations of women together all with a similar claim to fame. There involvement and love of sisterhood. Sisterhood has been that connection for generations of women. They know that they all played a role in our illustrious history and proud of the accomplishments that Sisterhood has achieved.

These are the faces of the past, present and future, the women of Sisterhood. The spirit is alive and well in our continuing presence in the community and beyond. We are proud of our history and of the many wonderful  ways we have brought on change. We are the women of sisterhood, strong and sensitive. We are the women of Sisterhood that sustains the belief that together we can make a difference. Here are the women of Sisterhood.

Thank you to all of the women that attended and participated in the planning of our 90th Anniversary of Sisterhood at Holy Blossom Temple.

Corinne Black,
Photographer, Sisterhood Member


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