September 18, 2017 - Sermon: "Praised are You, God, who Desires Change"

"Fantasy and faith may even be exact opposites." Read more »

September 6, 2017 - Making the Most of Ellul

The month of Ellul, which prepares us for the High Holy Days if we let it, is both a gift and a challenge.  Read more »

August 17, 2017 - Charlottesville: We stand in solidarity with our sister synagogue

The news of the day is shocking and difficult to integrate into our understanding of democracy, progress, and the place of a Jew in the world today. Read more »

July 12, 2017 - Lean In To Israel

I recently received an email from a long-time, devoted congregant who is smart, accomplished, fair-minded.  The subject line of his email:  “Troubles in Israel.” Read more »

July 4, 2017 - We are Duty-bound to Let our Voices be Heard

Some lovers of Israel feel Diaspora Jews must not meddle into the politics of Israel. Read more »

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