August 20, 2017 - The statues are falling.

One after another, the statues are being pulled down, and with them falls the ideology. As each bronze face tumbles earthward, the white, slave-owning face that inspired it suffers a sense of vertigo. Read more »

June 28, 2017 - Canada at 150, Holy Blossom at 160

I once mentioned in a sermon that I was still learning the words to O Canada, to have a congregant come up and tell me to get myself in gear. Read more »

May 29, 2017 - Sermon: Zionism, Not Activism - Rabbi Jordan Helfman

This time last week, I was sitting in Jersualem. Sitting in a park, Gan HaPa’amon, towards the middle of the city, towards the middle of the beating heart of our people. Read more »

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