Aufruf and Wedding

The establishment of a Jewish home is a central Mitzvah in Jewish life. To encourage young people to set up a Jewish home, they are urged to celebrate their marriages in the traditional Jewish way. To invite them to remain members of the Temple, each young couple marrying under its auspices is given
a year’s membership as a gift from the Temple.

Our rabbis will officiate at the synagogue, in a private home, or, under certain conditions, in a hotel or other catering establishment. While they will not officiate at marriages between Jews and non-Jews, they will be glad to counsel couples contemplating this step.

Those who wish to convert to Judaism are encouraged to do so, if they truly desire to and are prepared to undertake a minimum of one year’s instruction preceding possible conversion. Once an individual has converted to Judaism, he or she is regarded as a full Jew and an equal member of the people of Israel.

You can share an aliyah at the aufruf, which occurs on the Shabbat before your wedding.

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