It won’t be long before we open our doors and welcome our guests back to Out of the Cold at Holy Blossom Temple. Whether you’re new to the program or a seasoned veteran, the success of the program is due to the warm, friendly and very capable roster of volunteers who participate on various shifts across the program.

Volunteer Sign Up Night
October 15 from 6:30 – 8:00

We’ve attached a list of all the volunteer opportunities available to you. Please feel free to pass this along to all your friends and family as we’re always looking for great people. The program starts Thursday, Nov 5 and runs until Friday morning March 31. Sign Up for all volunteer shifts is on October 15. Holy Blossom members can sign up from 6:30 – 7:30, non-members can sign up from 7:30 – 8:30. Please bring a completed Volunteer Information form (attached) with you. If you can’t make it to Sign Up night, you’ll be able to register for all remaining shifts by emailing us after Nov 7 at [email protected].

Returning Volunteers, except Servers can sign up directly through their team captains, and don’t need to attend Sign Up night but we strongly encourage you to consider other volunteer activities within the program.

Returning Serving Volunteers only, please pre-register by mailing, faxing, emailing or dropping off the attached Server Pre-registration forms attached to this email. Pre-registrations must be received by the Temple office no later than September 30 to be considered for early Sign Up. Once received and processed, you’ll receive an email confirming your requested dates. You do not need to attend Sign Up night if you receive the confirmation email however we strongly encourage you to consider participating on other shifts. Please come to Sign Up night if you need to many any date changes or would like to learn more about other volunteer opportunities.

Thanks for volunteering with us. If you have any questions prior to Sign Up night, please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected]. And definitely forward this to your friends and family who are thinking of getting involved in the program as we always have opportunities for others.

Wishing you all a sweet New Year filled with good health and happiness.

Emily Rayson                Shari Wilson
Volunteer Director       Program Chair

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