Fundraising momentum. Budget and Timeline updates.

Fundraising for Renewal has continued to match the excellent progress of construction as our congregation has responded magnificently...

A Real Life, 3-Storey Meccano Set!

The past two weeks have brought major changes to our construction site, some visible and some more subtle.

Portals into our Future…

Thanks to all of you who took the time during the recent High Holy Days to view our exciting construction progress...

Aleinu: It is upon us

When you were at Temple for Rosh Hashanah, you saw that our Renewal Project is truly upon us...

Holy Blossom Renewal … See Behind the Hoarding!

...we thought that rather than just report what we’ve been up to, it might be more fun to invite you to actually take a look.

You Never Know What You’ll Find on a Construction Site

A very exciting and historically significant discovery was made on our construction site about 10 days ago.

Our Central Atrium Takes Shape

The last 2 weeks have seen less rain (finally!) on site, and so major progress has been made framing our new Atrium.

Rain and Renewal go hand in hand

If you’ve tried to participate in any outdoor activities these past couple of weeks, you know that our local weather has been a touch unpredictable.

Most Recent Projects