Israel’s American Prime Minister

Binyamin Netanyahu is the most American prime minister that Israel has ever had.

On Being a Reform Rabbi in Israel

Exponents of Orthodoxy often find it very difficult to concede that you can practice Judaism outside the Orthodox framework out of conviction.

Will Gabbay Replace Netanyahu?

When Israel’s Labor Party announced that its members would vote this month to elect a leader of the party, some ten people indicated that they’d stand against the incumbent Isaac Herzog.

The Kotel – Again

A headline in Monday’s Ha’aretz sums it up: “Netanyahu to American Jews: Drop Dead.” Though I mailed my previous reflections just before the official announcement about the prime minister caving [...]

Ominous Signs

Israel is a wonderful country and I deem it a privilege to live here. I’m convinced that without this our Jewish state there wouldn’t be much of Judaism or Jewry today.

The Six-Day War: Fifty Years Later

One of the many things Israelis are being made aware of, if they honestly reflect on the effect of the Six Day War fifty years after the event, is...

The Flying Visit

The speeches that President Trump made during his 26-hour visit to Jerusalem and Bethlehem were sufficiently enigmatic...

There’s more to Judaism than Counting Jews

Reform/Liberal/Progressive Judaism often reaches Jews that other movements don’t get to.

Fate and Destiny

To be a Zionist is, in characteristic Jewish fashion, to cry with one eye but to smile broadly with the other.

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