Ominous Signs

Israel is a wonderful country and I deem it a privilege to live here. I’m convinced that without this our Jewish state there wouldn’t be much of Judaism or Jewry today.

The Flying Visit

The speeches that President Trump made during his 26-hour visit to Jerusalem and Bethlehem were sufficiently enigmatic...

Fate and Destiny

To be a Zionist is, in characteristic Jewish fashion, to cry with one eye but to smile broadly with the other.

Netanyahu and the Germans

Breaking the Silence is an Israeli NGO that collects testimonies from Israeli soldiers about their actions and experiences in the occupied territories.

Ten Days of Introspection

I never tire of saying this: Had there been no State of Israel, Jews today would be quaint remnants of a people living in enclaves in very few places in the world...

Catch 67

Micha Goodman is one of the most interesting young scholars of Judaism in Israel today.

The Master’s Voice

Israelis with a sense of humour have speculated as to what the new broadcasting might have been called. One of the suggestions is “BibiSee.”

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