Elections in the Air

Elections are in the air in Israel. Though there’s as yet no date for when the country as a whole will go to the polls, municipal elections will be held at the end of this month. Their results [...]

The Piece (!) Process

“We can’t wait for a Palestinian messiah to come and make peace with us, because that won’t happen. And we can’t wait for the messiah who will give us a clear Jewish majority from the Jordan [...]

The Reward for Firebombing a Synagogue

Last December, the synagogue in my Swedish hometown of Gothenburg was firebombed. One of the apprehended perpetrators is a Palestinian. He participated in the torching, he said, as a response to [...]

Israel-Diaspora Relations at Risk

“The State of Israel against the Jews” is the provocative title of an article in Friday’s Ha’aretz Magazine by Eva Illuz, professor of sociology at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and author [...]

The State of the Jewish Religion in Israel

The good news – according to a poll published in Ha’aretz on the Eve of Rosh Hashanah – is that 54% of all Israelis believe in God and another 21% believe that we’re governed by a Higher Power. [...]

Evangelicals to Teach Torah to Jews

In the eyes of many of those in power in Israel, including the prime minister, liberal Jews are extreme leftists and potential enemies of the people. Mercifully, most of them reside in the [...]

A Battle on Two Fronts

According to the infamous forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and countless other anti-Semitic tracts, the Jews rule the world. According to Yinon Azulay, Member of Knesset on behalf of [...]

Jewish Walls Are Doors

Any Jew who in the name of feigned or real commitment to Judaism wanted to badmouth Reform Judaism has been given a welcome opportunity to do so by Michael Chabon, the Pullitzer Prize winning [...]

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