Purim 2018 at Holy Blossom

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Rabbinic Reflection: Mansplaining Vashti

In last week’s Torah Portion, we learned that the first set of commandments were given by God alone, כְּתֻבִים בְּאֶצְבַּע אֱלֹהִים, written with God’s ‘finger.’ (Ex. 31:18).

After the shiva…Understanding Bereavement

In this letter, Richard Cassel relates how the group helped him get back to a 'new normal'

Your Temple Involvement Can Blossom!

Members of Holy Blossom know and truly feel that our Temple is in the midst of tremendous excitement, growth and renewal of space and spirit.

Holy Blossom Temple N’ginah Band

Here at Holy Blossom, we are so fortunate and blessed to have the best of the best!

A roof over our heads. Almost.

Work on our site has really ramped up these past couple of weeks...

Rabbi Helfman Shabbat Sermon

March 3, 2018

Rabbi Splansky Shabbat Sermon

February 24, 2018

Rabbi Helfman: Shabbat Sermon

February 17, 2018

Rabbinic Reflection On Thoughts and Prayers

Politicians have made “thoughts and prayers” offensive. I want to reclaim them.

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