Rabbi Splansky Shabbat Sermon

May 5, 2018

A Prayer for Israel and Jerusalem

When America opened her embassy to Israel in Jerusalem on the date in the secular calendar when Israel was declared a State, there was celebration and there was condemnation

Rabbinic Reflection: #TorontoStrong Interfaith Vigil

It was a real privilege to participate in the Interfaith Vigil at Mel Lastman Square last Sunday evening

♬ Musicians of Tomorrow ♬

Beyond words cannot describe the joy pride and amazement of our experience in ROSH PINAH the most beautiful, serene, and picturesque spot in Israel

Rabbi Splansky – Shabbat Sermon

Saturday, April 28, 2018

#TorontoStrong Interfaith Service of Peace and Consolation

We stand together with our fellow Torontonians resolute in our belief that the people of this city will continue to demonstrate that we are united in our diversity, passionate about our [...]

Rabbinic Reflection: Rabbi Splansky

Introducing Beit Olam, A Jewish Cemetery for Interfaith Families

Holy Blossom Welcomes Rabbi Tanya Sakhnovich

We hope you will join Rabbi Tanya Sakhnovich at one of the exciting programs offered by Holy Blossom!

Yom Yerushalayim / יום ירושלים

We hope to see many of you celebrating with us on this special occasion

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