December 10 in Grade 6

Lindsay’s class: This week we learned about the Siege of Masada, a defining moment in Jewish history. We put on a play to learn the story, and followed up with a discussion about the [...]

December 9 in Grade 2

This week in Grade 2 we continued learning about Chanukah! We got to decorate Chanakah cookies and we learned how to play dreidel. We learned what all the letters on the dreidel stand for and we [...]

December 9 in Grade 3

This past Sunday was particularly festive for grade 3 as we celebrated the last day of Chanukah by making our own 3-D paper dreidels! While doing so, we took the time to learn the Hebrew letters [...]

December 9 in Grade 5

Shalom everyone We had a great time playing funny games with the Shinshinim. We also had some fun at services , all about Chanukkah. Yashar Koach to Dylan and Talia that were our first Shelichei [...]

December 9 in Grade 1

This week in Grade 1 was full of Chanukkah fun: we span dreidels in paint to make some cool patterns, participated in school-wide Chanukkah trivia, and decorated our own menorah cookies! See you [...]

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