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Richard, Jordan, Elijah, Caroline, and Karen Pilosof

Holy Blossom Temple’s historic Renewal Campaign is drawing enthusiasm from across our diverse membership ranks. While many donors come from families with Temple ties going back several generations, a growing number of “first generation” Temple members are also making landmark contributions to the Renewal Campaign.

One such Leadership gift has come from Karen and Richard Pilosof, who joined Holy Blossom in 2008.

“We were approached a few years ago – not long after we joined – and we agreed to a $100,000 pledge,” says Richard who is the President and CEO of RP Investment Advisors. “However, in the years since, we have come closer to Temple, and we decided that we had the ability and responsibility to do more. So we’ve increased quite substantially and are thrilled to now be committed to a gift of $250,000.”

For Richard and Karen, their spiritual journey to Holy Blossom has been long and sometimes winding. For Karen, a Jew by choice, and Richard, a Montreal native who is the son of Egyptian and French immigrants, finding a religious community consistent with their Jewish values and lifestyle was paramount. After some decades of “shul hopping” (including nine years of living in London, England) Richard and Karen, who have three children, Jordan, 22, Caroline, 21, and Eli, 14, finally found “their congregation” at Holy Blossom Temple.

Both Richard and Karen agree that one of the congregation’s greatest strengths is found in its rabbinic leadership.

“Rabbi Splansky is modern, open to the world, forward-thinking and has a global outlook,” says Karen, who is currently pursuing a program of Cultural Studies at Harvard University.

“The Rabbi represents the embodiment of modern Jewish leadership,” agrees Richard. “She has completely energized and ignited the Congregation to engage in her vision. She is an exceptionally strong and capable leader with whom I identify strongly.”

Richard believes that with solid rabbinic leadership now firmly established, a new generation of congregational leaders is needed to provide the financial support that is required for Holy Blossom to maintain its place of prominence within the fabric of liberal and Canadian Jewish institutions.

“The Toronto Jewish community is vibrant and strong,” says Richard. “It’s essential that we nurture a new generation of leaders to support the community. There are many other members among us who have the potential to give, and it is our responsibility to encourage and inspire them to do so.”

To discuss your participation in the Renewal Campaign, please contact Jonathan Ain, Director of Development at [email protected] or 416-789-3291 ext. 249.
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